Smart Mathematics Course

Learn Superfast Tricks And Techniques To Solve Every Basic Mathematics Problems In Just 28 Days !

#India's No.1* Marathi Mathematics Course

Useful For all 4th to 10th Std.Students & Scholarship, MTS, NTS etc. Exams

Syllabus Of Smart Mathematics Course

11th Multiplication With All Numbers
Multiplication By 12 to 19 Numbers
Any Number Multiplication (2 digit and 3 digit)
Squares of 2 digit Numbers within 10 sec
Squares of Special Numbers
How to Find Cubes within 20.sec
How To Find Square Roots within 10 sec.
How To  Find Cube Root within 5 sec.
How To  Make Tables in 10 sec.
Superfast Addition
Superfast Subtraction
Multiplication of Numbers like 9,99,999,9999…..etc
How To Check Correct Answer Of Mathematics Problem In Any Exam

This Course Will Make Your Child Master Of Basic Mathematics In Just 28 Days !


What's Inside The Course ?

All The Tricks & Techniques Are Verified And Tested On 10,000 +Students


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Sarthak Pandji

"This course made my mathematics very easy. Now I can solve any mathematics problem within seconds.

Sakshi Gaonkar

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