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Mind Power Workshop

What you’ll learn

  • It may be easier to memorize;
  • You will be able to increase Self-Esteem;
  • It can greatly increase Brain Capacity;
  • You may have more Disposition to Learn, because it is a Beta Frequency;


  • Open to receive Frequencies


If you’ve ever wondered why you forget things easily, do not worry, that’s part of the day-to-day lives of thousands of people. We think we have limited memory and that’s a lie. Our ability to memorize, as well as cognitive ability, is unlimited. There are no restrictions or limitations to memorize, there is lack of willingness to train the Brain.

The Brain is like a muscle, the more we train this organ, the more it strengthens. This is independent of your age. No matter how old you are, your brain can be strengthened and get back to your Natural State, which is being able to memorize anything we want.

There are those who believe that failure to exercise the brain can cause Alzheimer’s disease, but when we have an active, strong and trained brain, there is little chance of getting this disease.

The “Ultra Memory” Project aims to increase its capacity for memorization and strengthening to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are some of the benefits of using the Isocron of this project:

  • Increased Storage Capacity;

  • Through the Exercises, you will be able to increase activity in the Hippocampus area;

  • You will be able to realize your Power of Memorization;

  • Will be able to memorize names with ease;

  • Physiognomy will no longer be a problem to memorize;

  • Using the Power of Visualization, taught in exercises, you can memorize lists of various items;

  • And many other benefits;

Like our muscles, an accommodating brain atrophies. We have to exercise this organ all the time through exercises, readings, challenges, in short, we have to be willing to increase our capacity, which, in fact, is already part of our nature. It is not only a privilege of some a brain that is able to memorize anything, but it is also our privilege.

In addition to the Isocronics, which operate in the Hippocampus Area, responsible for memorizing, the Solfeggios act in the depths of our Subconscious to break down the barriers that limit us. These frequencies, which are 9 in their totality, will act to eliminate the beliefs that we have that we are not capable of.

Here are some examples of how the Solfegians perform:

  • Elimination of Mental Barriers;

  • Elimination of Limiting Beliefs;

  • Help in Alzheimer’s Disease Prevention;

  • Strengthens the Brain;

  • Brain Capacity Help;

  • Increases your Personal Memorization Power;

The following will be listed each Frequency of Solfeggio and how it acts in conjunction with the Isochronic Beta 18Hz:

174Hz – This frequency brings a sense of security to the Brain, motivating you to give your best;

285Hz – Can cure any problem that is in the area guided by Isocronic;

396Hz – Clears limitations imbued in the Subconscious;

417Hz – Help Your Brain Use Your Creative Potential;

528Hz – Increases Vital Energy and Mental Clarity;

639Hz – Like the “Super Intelligence” Project, this frequency increases your Relationship and Communication Capacity;

741Hz – Cleans Toxin Cells;

852Hz – Helps to awaken to your Inner Strength and your Personal Power;

963Hz – Return to your Natural State of Being, that is, back to your Memorization Power;

There are no limits and this is a fact. Science itself has not yet come to a conclusion about our Brain. Its capacity goes beyond any study to date. What matters in all this is that you are able to Memorize anything. Stop thinking that in the near future you will lose your ability to memorize because this is not true. Change your way of thinking, put the exercises, which are simple, practice and use these frequencies, which will surprise you.

Everything is possible for one who believes in infinite possibilities. Quantum Physics came to prove us this theory. Change the way you look at your world, and your world will change. And always remember, You’re Able. The Miracle is just beginning!

See you soon!

A Little About Evandro Angotti:

Before you talk about me, I want to make it clear that my only real intention is to help people. Today I was able to wake up and be happy to know that I am with this wonderful Project in 18 countries. I could not go that far if it were not for you. So, please stay here registered my gratitude for your life. I wish the Universe would grant you everything you want for your life. May you achieve all your goals. You are free to contact me ASAP.

I have more than 10 years of experience in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Isocronic Waves, Binaural and Solfeggios, Quantum Physics (Law of Attraction) and Personal and Spiritual Development. I have helped and continue to help thousands of people, now around the world. I feel fulfilled. I believe my purpose in life is coming to fruition as I see, people like you, achieving their goals. For me, it would be worthless, if this does not happen, it’s worth nothing if you do not reach your goal.

And finally, pay close attention: I am able to help you reprogram whatever you want into your life. But it all depends on you.

Note: As already mentioned, despite having some important information, this project is not about a course, but about frequencies that you will use for 27 days to do a Mental Reprogramming.

Note²: Each Project made available here in the Udemy Platform has its purpose. Each of them takes a certain amount of time for its complexity in development. In addition, I try to improve every day to deliver all of them with the best possible quality. If you are interested in developing in other areas, look for other projects, which I thought of you to do. Gratitude!!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to increase their Brain Storage Capacity;
  • Anyone who believes they have blockages and can not memorize;
  • Anyone who has difficulty memorizing basic things;
  • Anyone who wishes to train the brain for memorization;
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